Pack leadership is the foundation upon which our training is built. Dogs need EXERCISE DISCIPLINE and AFFECTION to become balanced members in a household. Dog's senses form their reality, therefore their need for strong leadership is crucial.

K9 Unleashed Inc uses training methods which include motivation, praise and correction to achieve clear expectations and consistency during each lesson. Your dog will enjoy working for you and your family and find training and play sessions fun, exciting, satisfying and stimulating. Since domestic dogs have inherited pack behavior, they will not only understand and be comfortable with their position in the pack, but will become obedient and respectful under your leadership.

We specialize our training beginning with puppy selection to working with your dog well into her senior years. We help with a variety of behavior issues as well as nuisance problems. We also provide support, basic, advanced and custom training.

All training is private (one instructor per student) and is completed in your own home and neighborhood where you and your pet are most comfortable. Training programs are created specifically for you, your immediate family and your pet so you get the most from your experience under the leadership of a Certified Master Trainer.


CONTACT: Christie  PHONE: 780-970-8752    

E-MAIL: k9unleashed52@gmail.com